A chemistry competition that will put the depth of one’s chemistry knowledge to the test.

Teams of two will write the preliminary quiz, wherein six top-scoring teams will compete for the prize by battling immersive problems, experimenting in the lab and challenging each others’ solutions like in the real world of Scientific research.


The Winner of the gets the Airbus A380 Prize of Rs 10,000, the runner up gets the Airbus A350 Prize Rs 5,000 and the second runner up gets the Airbus A330 Prize Rs 3,000.

Brief Rules:
  • Each team will have 3 participants.
  • There will be 2 rounds for the contest. The first round will involve answering MCQ type questions. The second round will be based on lab work on given problems.
  • Teams will be given 2 hours for the first round with about 30 questions to answer. There are negative marks for an incorrect attempt. If a team finish the question paper early, they will be provided with bonus questions.
Brief Rules:
  • For the second round, the participants will get to work in the lab on some practical, real-life problems.
  • All the required materials for experiments, including the labs for final round will be provided by Pravega, IISc.
  • The decision of the judges will be deemed final.
Brief Rules:
  • People must register online.
  • There is no participation fee to strongly encourage everyone to try their hand at getting to know science better.