Believe you're a language expert? Believe you're up to date with worldly events? With Cryptothlon, be prepared to rack your brains, as you attempt to make your way through absurd and seemingly senseless clues, to crack the puzzle in a terrific race against time, to become the Cryptic Crossword Champ.


A typical Cryptic Crosswords event, we invite participants in groups of two, to battle it out in our online prelims. Represent your institute on the grand stage for the much coveted Championship Trophy, as a part of the finale.


The Winner of the gets the Airbus A380 Prize of INR 4,000 and the runner up gets the Airbus A350 Prize of INR 2,000.

  • 2 member team per school.
  • Any number of teams can register for prelims from the same school.
  • Standard cryptic crossword techniques and rules to be followed. However famous proper nouns might be the answer to the clues. General knowledge will be essential in solving the crossword.
  • Registrations will be open till December 18th, 11:59 PM.
  • Online prelims will be held on December 19th, time TBA.
Rules: Online Prelims
  • 1 cryptic crossword to be solved in 30 minutes.
  • Clues will be non-googleable.
  • Correct spelling is required for full points.
  • Points will be awarded based on accuracy and time taken to solve the crossword [for example, total points will be {total no. of correct clues solved} x {points for each correct answer} + remaining time (in seconds).
  • Stage Round
  • Points system will be explained on stage.
  • Multiple rounds with various scoring systems will decide the winner.
Any Questions?

Contact our Literary Events Coordinator, Karthika KM