Pravega brings to you, a one-of-a-kind National Physics competition where participants will be challenged to decode hitherto unexplained phenomena, formulate theories and experimentally verify their predictions. Experience the thrill of discovery of real research with 24-hour lab access, performing experiments and proving your theories

Prelims were conducted on 18th November. See the rules for the prelims here.


The Winner of the gets the Airbus A380 Prize of INR 15,000. The first runner up gets the
Airbus A350 Prize
of INR 10,000 and the second runner up gets the Airbus A330 Prize of INR 5,000.

How Do I Get There?

Students in the first three years of an undergrad course are eligible to participate in teams of two.

Prelims were conducted on 18th November. Registration is free. See the rules for the prelims here.

Prelims consisted of objective and subjective questions.

Results will be out in around a fortnight announcing the 15 teams that will get a chance to come to the Indian Institute of Science! Upto Rs 1000 will be reimbursed to each person for their travel.

What Next?

They will be given 5 experimental questions, to solve which they'll be given access to 24 hours in a lab to submit a report of their work.

5 best teams will move on to the brain boxing session where they will have to present their findings to the judges in the form of a presentation and provide constructive criticism on the other teams' work.

Any Questions?

Contact our Decoherence Coordinator, Kaarthik Varma


Registrations were accepted online through the website prior to the event. No spot registrations are allowed.