Explain The Concept

Pravega is thrilled to announce its one-of-a-kind science communication event, Explain The Concept, which aims to bring together some of the best expository video makers in the country along with illustrious professors and leading edutech companies to discuss, work on, collaborate and produce novel and high quality explanatory video content at both the high school and collegiate level.
Submission deadline has been extended to 4th January, 2019. We are also holding an offline event of this competition.

Offline Events

We are holding an offline event of this competition. Register at this link, and prepare to rub shoulders with some of the best young science communicators. The format for this offline event will be the same as the Finals of the Online Competition. The offline event will have the same format as the finals.

  • 1st Prize Rs 8,000
  • 2nd Prize Rs 5,000
  • 3rd Prize Rs 2,000
  • Participants are required to make videos pertaining to subjects studied in high school.
  • Multiple video submissions per participant are allowed, and are welcome.
  • Although the syllabus is derived from high school material, participants are strongly encouraged to delve deeper into the topics in their videos and talk about interesting related ideas.
  • Submissions will be graded on originality and novelty (of the topic, format and approach), lucidity, depth of the content, audio-visual appeal, coherence, and some more rubrics.
  • Selected participants will be invited to attend the eventful on-campus finals, wherein they will interact (in groups) with a committee of IISc professors and representatives from event partners to spend their time at the fest working on making preliminary video content for the (possibly college-level, though with sufficient provision of resources) topics assigned to their group.
  • The judgement will be based in the participant's performance in the team-based creation round as well as the intermittent events, to pick a winner as well as a winning team.
There will be some intermittent events, for example:
  • Technically charged group discussions before the groups are formed for each topic, as an ideation round where finalists will be closely evaluated for their contributions
  • In the form of "flash talks", wherein participants will get about 2 hours to read up on and present for about 10-15 minutes a part of their topic.
  • and more
Important Information
  • If you plan to send us a video in the future, sign up ASAP with your details, subjects of interest and tentative topic/ideas so that we can make arrangements for the volume of entries, as well as check for significant overlap (there is a heavy emphasis on originality).
  • If possible, briefly describe your intended approach and try to highlight what will be unique about it. This will help us keep a tab on your submission when it comes. Do note, this is absolutely optional.
Important Information
  • You can then start working on your video. Based on the collective submissions, we will note the oversubscribed topics and notify the relevant participants that they have chosen an oversubscribed topic, allowing them to better decide whether they want to proceed with that topic or not. If you will have already started on your video, don't worry - the suggestions will be completely optional and doing something original with an oversubscribed topic is also welcome (and will be noticed).
  • We will also suggest under-subscribed subjects that may be of interest to participants.
Important Information
  • Additionally, we will maintain a frequency distribution of the general topic categories (split by subject or branch of subject) on our webpage for participants to keep track.
  • Make your video(s) and upload them on our ETC page, with a brief description of your approach, any novel methods you have incorporated and things to watch out for.
  • The deadline for submission is 4th January, 2019.
  • Participants will be asked for some details of their background in college level material, to allow us to better choose the topics and committee professors for the finals.