You can participate in the age old tradition of street art here! Come express yourself in English, Hindi or Kannada!

Spot registrations are also allowed.

Have any queries? Contact out Footprints coordinators Harshitha ( or Ashim (


The Winner of the gets the Airbus A380 Prize INR 12,000 and the runner up gets the Airbus A350 Prize of INR 10,000.

General Rules of the Event:
  • Each team must comprise of a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 20 individuals (exclusive of all the helpers).
  • The teams must bring their own props and costumes.
  • No electronic musical instruments, sound system or mics will be allowed.
  • The duration of the play should not exceed 20 minutes (including set-up time). Teams exceeding the stipulated time limit will be penalized and those crossing 5 minutes extra-time will be disqualified.
  • Use of fire (even diyas, candles or lighters) and water is not allowed.

Registrations will be accepted online through the website prior to the event. Spot registrations are also allowed.