Integration Bee

The integration bee is a mathematically intense event, based off the format of the MIT Integration Bee. The prelims consists of about 20 questions for 15 minutes, and the top 8 people would be selected. Then they battle out in pairs to find the value of an integral, and the first person to get the answer will win that round. The problems would consist of definite, indefinite integral and any other types of integral the organizers can come up with. The problems would be along 12th standard level.

The Winner gets an Airbus A380 Prize of INR 4,000.


The prelims would consist of 20 problems spread over 15 minutes, and the top 8 will be selected for the finals. In case of ties, the participants would be ranked based on the tie breaker questions


The finalists would battle against each other in a 1 verses 1 format. The 2 competing participants would have to solve the integral on the board, and the first person to arrive at the answer wins and proceeds to the next round.


The winners get a total prize amount of 10,000 rupees. Finalists would be given finalist certificates, and everyone would get participation certificates. For any details, contact the coordinator.

Any Questions?

Contact our Event Coordinator, Prathyush Poduval