With an exquisite blend of rhythm and poise, a touch of innovation, and a footfall of more than a thousand, Lasya represents the dance exponent of Pravega, and displays the delicate balance of passion and grace in our life.

It comprises of 2 categories – Solo Dance and Group Dance. The group event will have teams comprising of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 25 members.


The Winner of the Solo category gets a prize INR 7,000 and the runner up gets a prize of INR 5,000.


The Winners of the Group category gets a prize INR 20,000 and the runner up gets a prize of INR 15,000.

Video Preliminaries:

Video must be uploaded to the website portal or YouTube / Vimeo / Google Drive link must be provided at time of registration. The camera must remain stationary and the recording must be a single take.

The duration of video must not exceed 3 minutes. Type of file : Video File (Maximum file size: 400.0 MB. Supported file types: .mp4, .avi, .mov, .mkv).

6 teams/individuals will be selected from the entries pool for Lasya finals in each event, i.e. a total of 12 teams.

General Rules of the Event:
  • Teams must bring their own props and costumes
  • Maximum duration allowed for the performance for the finals is 10 minutes (including set-up time).
  • Teams exceeding the stipulated time limit will be penalized and those crossing 3 minutes extra-time will be disqualified.
  • Use of fire (even diyas, candles or lighters) and water is not allowed.

Registrations will be accepted online through the website prior to the event. No spot registrations are allowed.