Molecular Murals

Molecular Murals is a unique fusion of sciences and art. Participants will use their knowledge of coloured chemical compounds, to create the colours they require for completing a painting.

The paintings will be done on T-shirts, with the best T-shirt design winning.

There will be a contest for school students on 18th Jan, 2019 (Friday) and one for the general public on 20th Jan, 2019 (Sunday).


The Winner of the contest for the general public (on 20th Jan,2019) gets the Airbus A380 Prize of 2 Pravega Hoodies and 2 Pravega T-Shirts, the runner up gets the Airbus A350 Prize of 2 Pravega Hoodies and the second runner up gets the Airbus A330 Prize of 2 Pravega T-shirts.

Brief Guide:
  • Each team will have 2 participants.
  • There will be no prelims for this contest
  • Each team will be given a plain white t-shirt along with inorganic chemicals like acids, dyes, bases and salts.

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Brief Guide:
  • Participants are free to produce the colour of their choice by mixing different chemicals, and use it in their paintings.
  • This event is free for IISc PhD. and int. PhD. students.
  • All the required materials for the designing will be provided by Pravega, IISc.

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Brief Guide:
  • The judgement will primarily be based on the creativity and quality of art work. Credit will also be given for an explanation of chemistry behind the same.
  • Participants are supposed to use only the stipulated quantity of chemicals (which will be conveyed to the participants before they start working). Wastage of chemicals will lead to deducted points.
  • The contest will be three hours long.

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Brief Guide:
  • The decision of the judges will be deemed final.
  • Participants are allowed to take the T-shirt with them, given the consent of the judges on the grounds of safety