Open Quizzes

Pravega is proud to present two Open Quizzes as part of this year's quizzing extravaganza. All quizzes will take place in room G21 of the Old Physics Building.

  • MELA Quiz by Thejaswi Udupa
    Sunday, 20th January at 10 AM
  • The General Quiz by Dr. Arul Mani
    Sunday, 20th January at 3 PM
Essential Information
  • Teams of 3 or less.
  • Registration fee of 150 per team per quiz
  • The winner gets Airbus A380 Prize Rs 7,500 and the runner up gets Airbus A350 Prize Rs 5,000
  • Pravega reserves the right to disqualify any team not adhering to rules and regulations.
  • The Quiz Master will be the final arbitrator regarding all diputes.
  • Any person affiliated to IISc (student or otherwise) who fulfils all the other criteria for participation are allowed to participate.