Science Journalism

Awareness with a flavour of immersive science concept and a dash of intricate development of ideas is a science-lover’s favourite diet. In this age of highly accelerated scientific and technological growth, mainstream journalism fails to catch the eye of the masses; yet just about everyone knows the importance of Science Journalism . Here can be your endeavour to promote Science Journalism among the school and the college youth.

Brief Rules
  • The participants are required to submit self-written articles which preferably can be reports of some recent scientific event or a general article on any interesting topic.
  • One participant can submit more than one entry.
  • Entries will be accepted till 4th January, 2019; 11:59pm.
  • There is no upper or lower limit on the number of words.
Prizes to be WON
  • 1st prize: ₹5000
  • 2nd prize: ₹3000
  • 3rd prize: ₹1000
  • 2 Consolation prizes: ₹500 each

Note: In the occasion of multiple entries, an individual can win prizes for their best entry only.