Whodunnit? It wasn’t us, perhaps it was you. There's only one way to find out. Pravega calls on its keen-eyed recruits to accept the mantle of a super-sleuth, pacing through obstacles with their deductions to unravel the unnerving, inevitable truth.

An initial preliminary round with groups of 2-4 tackling pseudo-forensic, logical tests precedes a stronger test of wit, the Whodunnit finals, faced only by the cleverest of contenders.

When you can think on your feet, even the most challenging of mysteries will unravel at your fingertips. The Winner gets an Airbus A380 Prize of INR 4,000.

  • Each team will have 2-4 participants. The contest is open to all.
  • There will be 2 rounds for the event. The first round involves answering MCQ or very short
    answer type questions.
  • Teams will be given 1 hour for the first round with about 15 questions to answer.
  • For the second round, the qualified teams will be required to analyse and solve a life-like
    murder mystery.
  • All required materials and information regarding the case will be provided.
  • The decision of the judges will be deemed final.
  • Venue - T.A. rooms 1 & 2, U.G. office.
  • Prelims start at 11:00 a.m. on 19thJanuary, 2019.
  • Contact us

    Contact our Coordinators,

    Ananya Passi - ananyapassi@iisc.ac.in
    Souvadra Hati - souvadrahati@iisc.ac.in
    Biswanath Shaw - biswanaths@iisc.ac.in