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Pravega Oyo Rooms Booking
Book your accomodation for Pravega 2019
Pravega Dormitory Booking
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Science Journalism Article Submission
Submit Articles for registered participants of Science Journalism
Open Mic
Show off your talents in front of an audience in our very own Pravega Open Mic!
Do the very simple notions pose the most notorious questions for you? Pride your ability to pitch the most convincing arguments to win over the opposing party?
Explain The Concept
Announcing Pravega's one-of-a-kind science communication event, Explain The Concept, which aims to bring together some of the best expository video makers in the country along with illustrious professors and leading edutech companies to discuss, work on, collaborate and produce novel and high quality explanatory video content at both the high school and collegiate level.
Science Journalism
Awareness with a flavour of immersive science concept and a dash of intricate development of ideas is a science-lover’s favourite diet.
Teams of two will write the preliminary quiz, wherein six top-scoring teams will compete for the prize by battling immersive problems, experimenting in the lab and challenging each others’ solutions like in the real world of Scientific research.
Inter School Event
Feel the tingling sensation of excitement as you represent your school in a thinking-based science competition at the Indian Institute of Science.
Molecular Murals
Molecular Murals is a unique fusion of sciences and art. Participants will use their knowledge of coloured chemical compounds, to create the colours they require for completing a painting.
Explain The Concept Video Submission
Submit your entry for Explain the Concept (ETC) after registering for the event.
Pravega Innovation Summit Round 2
Pravega Innovation Summit Round 2 for selected participants.
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PUBG Tournament
An online PUBG (Mobile) Tournament
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You can participate in the age old tradition of street art here! Come express yourself in English, Hindi or Kannada!
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Proscenium is the Thespian Extravaganza of Pravega. The plays can be in English, Hindi, or Kannada.
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Get a chance to apply your knowledge of physics to real research problems because nature is not as simple as our schooling might lead us to believe.
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Battle of Bands
Battle of Bands is the annual band competition of Pravega.
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Wikimedia India Photography Contest
Pravega brings to you a very unique photography contest - you get to do what you love, contribute to free online open source content on Wikimedia Commons, and also earn while you do so!
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Pravega Innovation Summit
An initiative to bring the pillars of scientific growth and innovation together and provide a platform for networking, exchanging of ideas and fostering collaboration.
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Pride yourself on your ability to concoct vivid tales out of thin air? Fancy your gift of being able to wing spectacular tales out of the blue, or that of being able to compose a riveting narrative? Wield a pen, and let your mind wander.
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With Cryptothlon, be prepared to rack your brains, as you attempt to make your way through absurd and seemingly senseless clues, to crack the puzzle in a terrific race against time, to become the Cryptic Crossword Champ.
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Lasya (Group)
With an exquisite blend of rhythm and poise and a touch of innovation, Lasya represents the dance exponent of Pravega.
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Lasya (Solo)
With an exquisite blend of rhythm and poise and a touch of innovation, Lasya represents the dance exponent of Pravega.
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IBM Hackathon
With increasing fake articles and news circulating on various forms of social media, the time and energy to sort between the true and the made-up simply seems not worth it. We invite you to align your problem solving and coding skills to tackle this situation.
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Vignettora Article Submission
Submit your article for Vignettora after registering for the event.
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Campus Ambassadors
Be a part of Pravega by representing Pravega in your college as a Campus Ambassador.
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