Announcement: Talk by Prof. Siddhartha Gadgil

Title: Automating Mathematics?
Timing: 4th September, 9:00-10:30 am Venue: Old Physics Building G-01
Starting with just the rules of chess, it took four hours of playing against itself for AlphaZero, a computer program, to become the strongest chess player on the planet, playing with a "dynamic, open style" and preferring moves that are "risky and aggressive". With a couple of days of self-play, AlphaZero discovered the best standard openings, and even discarded a few of them.
Could computers similarly acquire all the major capabilities used by Mathematicians and the Mathematics community in the discovery and proof of Mathematical results and concepts? The use of computers for experimentation and computations while doing mathematics has become routine, and computers have also begun to provide rigorous proofs of special classes of results, presumably beyond human capabilities. Further, interactive proof systems allow the verification of results in collaboration with mathematicians.
We shall sketch some of the ways in which computers are increasingly being used in producing mathematical proofs. We discuss some experiments using these.
It is however in other cognitive domains, such as board games, visual and linguistic tasks etc. that computers show superhuman capabilities, including of a nature that were believed to be especially difficult for machines. We discuss some of these successes, what is behind them, and what this suggests for the future of computers in mathematics.
We also discuss some examples where Artificial intelligence has been used in mathematics, often in conjunction with algorithmic methods.

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MathWizs Assemble

An event for all the math-heads out there! Enumeration is a competition to test a set of abilities including but not limited to mathematical and logical reasoning, deduction and analysis etc. In addition to problem solving, this event requires you to constitute claims and support them with convincing arguments. As an overall test of your skills as a reliable mathematician, Enumeration is a platform to put your abilities under examination. Don't miss this unique event that is sure to kindle an excitement towards math while simultaneously allowing you to develop a different approach towards the field!

Prelims Results

The prelims have ended, and here are the results! Congratulations to all the finalists and participants. Thank you for participating in chemenigma 2022 and hope you had a fun time.

Team Name Team Members
Abstract Nonsense Shantanu Nene,Madhur Agrawal
JusticeforRSM Archishman Mukherjee,Saikat Sengupta
ePlusPi Kanav Talwar,Emon Suin
Rgtdfg Rohan Goyal
Folkvangr Himadri Mandal,Akshat Pandey
Cringe Hrishikesh Saikia,Arindam Bhattacharyya

Congratulations to the finalists. Mark your calendars for 2nd to 4th September and start packing your bags! We can't wait to meet you here on IISc campus during Pravega 2022.

Questions Paper and Solutions to prelims

Question Paper
Answers and Solutions

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Prelims: 16th July, from 2PM to 6PM.

Finals: First week of September

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High school students and UG.
Contestants can participate in teams of upto 2 members.
(International Participation is allowed)
Registration fees: Rs.200/- per team.


Top 3 finalists will get cash prizes and books worth 20k in total.
All finalists will also receive a complementary book and a certificate of appreciation.

Additional Info

  1. Prelims will be conducted online which consists of an objective and a subjective section. Only the teams scoring more than a cut-off in the objective section will have their subjective solutions evaluated.
  2. The final round will be conducted offline in the campus of IISc for students studying in India, and online for students living abroad at the time of the examination. This round is fully subjective.
  3. For qualifying teams travel reimbursement proportional to train fare will be provided.

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