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Hello there!
The wait is over, and it is time to kick Pravega Ideathon 2022 off to a start.
The event planned for tomorrow begins with a talk from our judges, The Turing Prize, introducing you to the topic and the problem statement for our ideathon at 4:00 pm IST at Satish Dhawan Auditorium, IISc. Find the Google Maps link below..
You will then be given some resources on the topic and can then spend the next 4 hours contributing to the problem and submit your ideas through a form shared in the meeting..

Looking forward to seeing all of you!

Venue: Satish Dhawan Auditorium, IISc

Team Ideathon '22

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The Turing Prize

Pravega Ideathon 2022

We are exhilarated to announce the launch of yet another novel event – the Ideathon sponsored by {} The Turing Prize.

The Turing Prize aims to unify young, original talent across the world to solve open problems in Artificial Intelligence, along with other pressing subjects of concern, both to the present and the future.

Pravega 22’s Ideathon looks into the stopping problem, an ongoing research question in AI alignment. It will be held in two stages – an online prelim, on 27th August, an offline prelim on 2nd September followed by a final event in the IISc campus in the 2nd week of September.

Online Prelims Results

Hi everyone,

Thank you for participating in the Turing Prize Ideathon prelims. Below are a few reminders and the winners!
1) You can refine your ideas and submit them to the official contest for prizes up to $25,000 on our website.
2) If you want to learn more about AI alignment, check out these resources and email us. You may also want to follow discussions on LessWrong.

Now without further ado, here are the finalists for the ideathon (we listed one person per team but the whole team qualifies as finalists). We'll send more information about the finals soon.
Priyanshu Gupta
Adarsh Karekkat
Tarunay Shrivastava
Aman Chauhan
Saghey Sajeevan
Aryan Hingwe
Dev Dodiya
Sai Darshan M A
Raghuram Sundararajan
Aryaman Bhutani

And the winning submission was from Aryaman Bhutani! Please email us for your prize.

Best wishes,

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Online Prelims: 27th August

Offline Prelims: 2nd September

Finals: 10th September

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The contest is absolutely open-to-all, and the participant does not require any kind of coding ability. If you have it in you to work out creative solutions to issues, and become an innovator of the future, stop beating around the bush, and register NOW!


  1. First Prize: Rs. 60,000
  2. Second Prize: Rs. 40,000
  3. Third Prize: Rs. 20,000
Every participant is also eligible to win the $25,000 award from The Turing Prize.
Visit their website for more details.

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