Strain-ger Things

An Upside Down Quest for a Treasure, employ all the scientific skills that you got!


Prelims: 31stJuly 2022, 2pm
Finals: TBD

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An ‘upside down’ Materials Science treasure hunt. Participate in this super fun, intense yet rewarding event that will demand you to employ your scientific reasoning and problem-solving skills if you wish to emerge victorious among the chosen few (and of course, win the handsome cash reward and prizes). A lucrative opportunity and a hands-on approach to familiarize yourself to the prolific field of Materials Sciences, you will be surprised to know how many of the topics you can relate to the things you have already studied in your +2 years of High School.

Prelims Results

The prelims have ended, and here are the results! Congratulations to all the finalists and participants. Thank you for participating in Strain-ger things 2022 and hope you had a fun time.

Name College
Pravar Kataria IIT Delhi
Parth Patel IIT Delhi
Mohammad Furquan IIT Delhi
Priyansh Singh MAMC, New Delhi
Jenit Jain Central Academy
Priyanshu Jaseja MAMC, New Delhi

Congratulations to the finalists. Mark your calendars for 2nd to 4th September and start packing your bags! We can't wait to meet you here on IISc campus during Pravega 2022.


  • 11th, 12th and first year Undergraduate students from any institute in India.
Prerequisites are none, Prelims will be a rapid fire of questions from Physics, Chemistry and Maths.
Top 10 performers will be chosen for the final round which will take place in the IISc campus.


  • 1st Prize: Rs. 10000
  • 2nd Prize: Rs. 5000
  • 3rd Prize: Rs. 3000


  • Do not cheat your way to the finals, if you rely on someone else’s help to get through, you will most likely be chewed up badly in the main event :/


Barnopriyo Dutta
email barnopriyod@iisc.ac.in
Dhiraj Kori
email dhirajsk@iisc.ac.in