What would Darwin Do

Solve. Adapt. Evolve.


Prelims: 3rdSeptember, 0930 to 1030
Finals: 4th September


It takes courage and resilience to withstand the relentless nature and unfold the mysteries surrounding it. The master of this discipline, a candid voyager and a clever biologist, Charles Darwin wants to choose some worthy successors who will walk in his shoes, utilize their grit and wit, overcoming every crisis thrown at them and emerging victorious. Can you adapt to this challenge? Can you avoid getting the Darwin award? Then be a part of this fantastic adventure! Showcase the Darwin inside you and enjoy this captivating experience of nature that makes you choose - ‘evolve or dissolve.’

What Would Darwin Do is a one of its kind evolution and ecology competition which defies the monotonicity of conventional pen-and-paper science competitions and replaces it with fun and engaging activities that inform as to how science is conducted in the real world. Our campus is itself a large ecosystem, with high-tech laboratories and serene forests that coexist side by side. Lush woods, a vibrant ecosphere consisting of various flora and fauna, define the campus of IISc. A perfect place for ecological experimentation, the IISc campus will expose high school students to ecology's adventures, thrills, and opportunities.

Event structure

The event will be held on campus, entirely offline and consist of 2 stages, The prelim, and the finals.

  1. The prelim will be held on campus on the second day of Pravega, i.e., 3rd September. High school students can register online or offline before or after coming to the campus. 
    The preliminary examination will be a pen-and-paper exam structurally, but the questions will be of distinguishable creativity. Not only conventional ecology questions, but the prelim will also encompass interesting analytic questions and entertaining puzzles. We will have a 3-hour prelim from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm. 
  2. There will be small interactive sessions on the same day from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm with our ecology professors about some recent research in their field. This can be attended by some of the top performers in the exam. 
  3. From the initial pool of students, 24 finalists will be chosen to participate in the stages of the competition that will take place the following day (i.e., the last day of Pravega, 4th of September). 
    On the final day (i.e., 4th of September), we will have the most distinctive sub-events of ‘What Would Darwin Do,’ which will start with a quiz competition with teams of 3.
    It will be followed by highly informative lab tours where participants get to see how an ecology lab works.
    The last and the best sub-event will be an exciting campus-wide treasure hunt where participants will be given indirect clues about some organisms, that will lead them to hidden treasures.


  1. Prizes totaling a worth of more than 24,000 ₹ will be given to the winners of the quiz and the treasure hunt.
  2. Every finalist will be given a memento.

Eligibility, Rules and regulations

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Contact us at: wwdd.pravega@gmail.com

Sanmit Chakraborty
email sanmitc@iisc.ac.in
Parth Deshpande
email parthjaywant@iisc.ac.in